In the fall of 2016, I found out that I was at high risk for developing breast cancer. After speaking with multiple physicians and surgeons, and weighing my options, I decided to proceed with a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Dr. Aisha White is a plastic surgeon who practices at the hospital where I am a nurse, and she is known as a talented surgeon and a great patient advocate. From the start, Dr. White went above and beyond in communicating with me and explaining all of my options, including what she felt were the best reconstructive options for my body type. For the last 9+ months, she has worked with me from consult to my “graduation.” Dr. White has kept me fully informed and educated with up-to-date techniques in breast reconstruction. From my initial mastectomy with reconstruction in October, to my second surgery to complete reconstruction this March, and to all of the office visits and check-ups in between, I have been affirmed that Dr. White truly cares about her patients and she has a real passion for her work. If you can consider two major surgeries a great experience, I do! And, the icing on the cake… not only have I all but eliminated my chance of developing breast cancer, I am extremely happy with my reconstruction results!! If I had to do it all over again, I would! Thank you, Dr. White!