There are a variety of procedures that each address specific concerns like the size or overall shape of the breast. However, in some cases, a patient may desire larger breasts that also have a rounder and more youthful appearance. Combining a breast lift with breast augmentation offers a comprehensive approach to achieving the patient’s desired aesthetic goals.

At Quintessence Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Aisha White specializes in breast surgery and offers personalized surgical care.

Pros of Combining Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

By combining breast lift with augmentation, patients can enjoy the benefits of increased breast size and improved shape simultaneously. Breast implants provide additional volume and fullness, resulting in a more youthful and proportionate breast appearance.

For patients with breast asymmetry or uneven breast shape, combining breast lift with augmentation allows for custom-tailored correction. Surgeons can use different implant sizes and shapes to achieve optimal symmetry and balance between the breasts, enhancing overall aesthetics.

Combining breast lift and augmentation means undergoing one surgery and one recovery period rather than two separate procedures. This can save time and reduce overall downtime, allowing patients to return to their normal activities sooner.

By addressing both breast sagging and volume loss, this combined procedure can provide more comprehensive and longer-lasting results compared to either procedure performed alone. Patients can enjoy improved breast shape and fullness for many years to come.

Cons of Combining Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

Despite having so many benefits, this combination procedure does have a few disadvantages.

Combining breast lift with augmentation requires a more complex surgical approach compared to either procedure performed individually. Surgeons must carefully plan and execute the surgery to achieve optimal results while minimizing complications.

If you plan on having a combined breast procedure, make sure you find a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.

Secondly, combining breast lift with augmentation may also result in a slightly longer recovery period compared to undergoing each procedure separately. The recovery process may also be more uncomfortable to deal with due to the extent of the work performed. Patients should follow post-operative care instructions diligently to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal outcomes.

As with any surgical procedure, combining breast lift with augmentation carries risks such as infection, bleeding, implant rupture, and changes in nipple sensation.

Lastly, combining a breast lift with augmentation typically incurs higher upfront costs compared to undergoing each procedure independently. Patients should consider their budget and financing options when deciding on the best approach for their needs and goals.

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The best way to determine if a combination breast lift with augmentation is the right choice for you is to schedule a consultation where Dr. White can ask about what your goals are for your surgery and recommend the surgical approach that will provide you with your ideal results.

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