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Have you noticed pockets of fat in areas like your hips, stomach, and thighs? Flab is frustrating, especially when you’ve done everything you can think of to get rid of it. When diet and exercise have failed, where can you turn?

For many people, the answer is liposuction. This fat-reduction surgery has been proven time and time again to give patients the precise body contouring they’re dreaming of.

The Liposuction Treatment Process

The specifics of the liposuction treatment process will vary according to factors like the technique that will be used, the size and number of areas targeted for treatment, and the amount of fat to be removed.

Liposuction begins with the administration of local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. This will depend on your preferences and the recommendation of Dr. White. Regardless of the type used, the result will be a comfortable procedure that is free of any pain.

Next, a small incision will be created in the area where there is excess fat. A cannula will be inserted into this incision. A cannula is a thin tube with a pointed end. The sharp end is used to break up the stubborn fatty tissue. When the fat is loosened, it is removed through the tube using medical suction.

Once the desired amount of fat is removed, all incisions will be dressed appropriately, and the procedure will be complete.

Recovery After Your Liposuction

Liposuction recovery varies according to the specifics of the procedure and the case. Dr. White will give you post-surgical care directions that must be followed as closely as possible. Making sure to carefully follow these instructions can lead to optimal results and a shorter recovery time.

Generally, once your liposuction surgery is complete, you will be able to return home, since it is usually an outpatient procedure. You will need to wear a post-surgical compression garment over the treated areas during recovery. This will aid in controlling bruising and swelling, and it will also help the skin conform tightly to the new contours of your body.

In some cases, temporary surgical drains may be placed in the treatment regions. These plastic tubes serve to carry excess fluids out of the area in order to avoid complications like hematomas and seromas.

Within a few days of the surgery, you may be able to go back to your job. All activities can be resumed within two weeks, as long as you are cleared first by Dr. White.

Once all the swelling has ameliorated, you will be able to see your final results. When performed by an experienced medical professional like Dr. White, liposuction results can look natural and attractive.

Set Up a Consultation

To find out if liposuction surgery is right for you, take the first step – contact Quintessence Plastic Surgery to arrange your consultation. Dr. White will be available to explain the procedure in greater detail. The two of you will discuss your aesthetic goals, and she will perform a physical examination to ensure that liposuction is the best way to achieve those goals.

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