Breast Augmentation

For some, bigger is better. For a woman, not having the size breasts you want can be disappointing. You may not like the appearance of your breasts or the way your clothes fit.   Breast augmentation is cosmetic surgery to enlarge the size of the breasts. This is commonly done with implants but can also be done with fat grafting (fat taken from your body).

Fat grafting will usually only result in a modest increase in breast volume. For more a more noticeable increase in breast volume, implants are the better option.  Implants are distinguished by their fill material (saline vs silicone), outer texture (smooth vs textured), and shape (round vs tear-drop).  The implant can be placed through three different locations: axilla (armpit), peri areolar (pigmented ring around the nipple), or inframammary fold (lower part of breast where it meets chest wall). In your consultation, we will discuss this fully so we can decide the best approach for you.

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