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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid SurgeryThey say the eyes are the window to your soul. Many of us are familiar with disapproving glances we received from a parent when we were kids,or what about the loving stare from an admirer?  We want our eyes to convey our emotions. Eyelids may begin to look puffy or droopy as we age. Eyelid surgery may be the answer to correct a “tired” appearance. If there is a large amount of excess upper eyelid skin that blocks your visual field, upper eyelid surgery may improve how much you can see. There’s one thing that is for certain: Blepharoplasty surgery can make you look younger and refreshed. It is derived from two Greek words: Blepharon, which means “eyelid,” and plassein, which means “to form.”

In upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), excess skin and fat in the upper and lower eyelids are removed surgically. Eyelid surgeries may be performed in conjunction with other non-surgical procedures (like chemical peel, botulinum toxin) to rejuvenate the appearance of the tissues around the eyes and make a tremendous difference in your appearance.

When Should You Get Eyelid Surgery Done?

Excess fat, skin, and sagging muscle tissue on your upper eyelid: This can cause eyes to look puffy, heavy, and aged. It can cause droopiness, which can affect your appearance and sometimes even your vision.

Excess fat, skin, and sagging muscle tissue on your lower eyelid: This makes you look perpetually tired and haggard. Just a little bit of tissue alteration can completely take away the tiredness, making you look younger and rejuvenated. No more puffy bags!

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The Blepharoplasty Procedure

The operation lasts for a couple of hours. After administration of anesthesia, fine surgical incisions are made. For the upper eyelids, the incision is made in the natural crease at the top of the eyelid. For the lower eyelids, the incision is made right beneath the lash line.

Another option for the lower eyelids is transconjunctival blepharoplasty. For this method, the incision is made on the inner side of the lid. It is the best method for fat and tissue removal, but the technique may not be the best approach if you also want to remove excess skin.

Preparation and Recovery

Before the operation, you should schedule a consultation with me. During this session, you will get a thorough examination and will discuss the procedure and the healing period. During this session, ask me anything … anything at all!

You will learn what to expect in terms of recovery so that you can be prepared with artificial tears, cold compresses, gauze, and anything else you may require once you’re home after the surgery. The better you follow my post-surgical care directions, the better your chance of a speedy and complication-free recovery.

The post-surgical swelling in the area takes about two weeks to fully subside. Within a week to 10 days, you should be able to get back to your normal everyday schedule.

How Blepharoplasty Rejuvenates Your Eyelids

Takes away the bagginess: The constant tired look on your face could be due to the bags formed under your eyes. Sometimes, it’s simply genetics.  Once those appear, they’re there to stay. Bags under the eyes usually form due to lack of sleep and stress. Even if you are able get back your sleep and be stress-free, the bags remain. To take care of these bags, you need a lower-eyelid lift. It removes the excess tissue that causes the bags.

Takes away several years from your face: Bright, energetic eyes can immediately make you look younger. Removing the extra skin that has started to droop gives a lift to your upper and lower eyelids. It can smooth out fine lines on the eyelids and can do wonders for your appearance.

It is amazing how such a small surgery can completely transform your face. When your eyelids are reshaped, you look revitalized and energetic. It can also highlight the shape of your eyes.

Find Out More About Blepharoplasty Surgery

To learn more about blepharoplasty and what it can do for your eyes, contact the office of Dr. Aisha White for a consultation. Dr. White, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience, will be happy to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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