Being a mom is hard work. Whether you’re a new mom or an empty-nester, this mommy makeover could be exactly what you need this Mother’s Day. A Mommy Makeover is comprised of two things: a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction and a tummy tuck.


Get Back To Your Roots, Mama

What better way to embrace your womanhood than feeling confident about your breasts? Due to breastfeeding, you might find your breasts to be smaller than they were prior to being pregnant. Through breast augmentation, the breasts are restored to a larger size. This has many benefits including fitting bras and clothing better. This procedure is typically accomplished through the use of implants, but fat grafting is common as well. If you’re wanting a more noticeable increase in breast volume, implants are your best option, and for a more modest increase, fat grafting may be the right fit for you.


This Can Lift Your Spirits More Than Chocolate

Wait, there’s something more uplifting than chocolate?! Yes ma’am, and it’s called breast lift! Over time, breast tissue can lose its elasticity due to breastfeeding, pregnancy, aging and fluctuations in weight. This procedure helps to restore the breast to a more youthful shape and position by rearranging the tissue and removing excess skin. Implants can also be placed in the breasts to result in increased cleavage. What better way to treat yourself than lifting something that’s been holding you down? 


Reduce, Reuse And Recycle?

So, maybe not the reuse and recycle part, but the reduce part is certainly true for a breast reduction procedure! Some times, too much of a good thing isn’t such a good thing. A breast reduction procedure reduces the size of the breasts by removing excess skin, glandular tissue and fatty tissue. What’s the benefits? For some, having too large of breasts can cause problems such as back pain, neck pain and eventually, posture problems. The lifted weight of the breasts after the procedure can be a huge relief!


What’s All This Tummy Tuck About?

New moms can especially relate to this struggle. Our abdominal muscles can become stretched out after having a baby and excess skin can become visible after a recent change in weight. This procedure tightens the abdominal muscles for a more sculpted waistline and abdomen. So, how is this accomplished? Excess fat will be removed first and then the skin will be lifted and tightened. The results can be amazing and a big confidence boost. Following directions after any procedure is important, so make sure to follow any directions Dr. Aisha White gives you. 

Treat yourself this Mother’s Day to these amazing procedures and contact Dr. Aisha White today to hear more about our Mommy Makeover!