Breast Reconstruction

When you have undergone a partial removal (lumpectomy) or complete removal (mastectomy) of the breast, you may desire breast reconstruction surgery. There are several techniques that are commonly used for breast reconstruction, including breast implants, flaps (your own tissue taken from another part of the body), and fat grafting.  Nipple reconstruction and tattooing can also be done to complete the full reconstruction of the breast. All of these procedures are covered by insurance.

Depending on your situation and preference, breast reconstruction procedures may be done at the time of the cancer surgery or at a later time. It’s never too late to undergo breast reconstruction.  If you decided not to have reconstruction at the time of your cancer treatment, the window of opportunity for reconstruction hasn’t closed.

Dr. White applies her artistry and mastery to achieve the best results for you. She  will discuss with you the variety of techniques  that can be used, alone or in combination, to reconstruct your breasts and help you feel whole again.

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