I knew the first time I met Dr. White she was the lady to help me. I may not have liked what she said I would have to do before I could have my surgery even though she explained the reasons I still left in tears, not because of Dr. White said but I knew how hard it would be for me to reach the goal she gave me. A couple of days after I left Dr. White had Donna call and check on me, she again explained why I would have to reach the goal DR. White set for me, not only for my health but for better end results. I NEVER doubted her ability or compassion during my journey, Dr. White and I have spent a lot of time together in the past 2+ years and we have had LOTS of laughs in this time which you do not see much in a lot of doctors. During this very log process Dr. White and her staff has been nothing but wonderful. I cannot give Dr. White enough praises for her hard work and time spent with me. I know I drove her and her staff nuts during my journey but they all have been nothing but wonderful. I am so very happy with the end results, I know if it was any other surgeon they would have given up on me. I would never give it a second thought on recommending Dr. White to any of my family and friends that may need a cosmetic/plastic surgeon. Thank you Dr. White!!